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How Commercial Cleaners Keep Carpet Tiles Looking Good

Posted on 4/26/2013

Carpet tiles are becoming a popular alternative to traditional carpeting used in high traffic areas in office buildings and reception areas. They have gained popularity because they are easy to install, clean and maintain.

Cleaning and maintaining your carpet tiles 

They are a practical alternative because they don’t need the same level of intense cleaning as traditional carpets. A professional commercial cleaning company will have the expertise to identify and clean carpet tiles. 

Carpet tile cleaning can be accomplished in one of three ways: spot cleaning with a soap solution and scrubbing brush, steam cleaning or shampooing. The easiest way to maintain their look and feel is by regular vacuuming to remove dust and soil. The difference between carpet tiles and ordinary carpet is that restoring the quality of a carpet tile is more possible provided the right amount of vacuuming and care is taken. 

Any grubby marks or stains from spillages can effectively be cleaned with soap and use a brush to work the stain out of the pile using detergents that are compatible with carpet tiles thereby not affecting the colour or texture. 

How often carpet tiles require cleaning usually depends on whether they are in high foot traffic areas and whether they are in rooms where people are likely to eat. Carpets in these areas generally require more frequent and thorough cleaning using either steaming cleaning or shampoo appliance. Those well trained on using a steam cleaner will know how to use an appliance so as not to leave the carpet tiles water logged. 

To maintain the clean, hygienic look of your office carpets, know matter what type they are is a job the Cynergi team of commercial cleaners are well trained to do and will conduct the job in a very professional manner. To discuss your office cleaning requirements, give us a call today.

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