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News and information related to commercial cleaning and support services and the difference these services offer to a wide range of businesses.

Cleaning Contract Engineered with TWI

Posted on 11/5/2015

Cynergi Cleaning & Support Services are pleased to announce that TWI’s Cambridge headquarters has awarded its cleaning contract to Cynergi from January 2016.

Living Wage Recognition

Posted on 5/5/2015

Cynergi Cleaning & Support Services has become one of the first Service Provider organisations in Essex to become a Recognised Service Provider to work with the Living Wage.

Let the music play - contract re-awarded

Posted on 9/9/2014

Our blog on the 15th March 2012 said “Music to our ears” as the saying how we felt when we received the phone call from Warner Music UK to confirm that we had been successful in the cleaning tender process for their 3 premises in Kensington.

Healthy Start with Coloplast

Posted on 2/10/2014

Cynergi are proud to have been awarded the cleaning contract for a 3 year term to Coloplast’s Head office and warehouse facilities in Peterborough.

New Year New Contract

Posted on 1/16/2014

Following a formal tender process Cynergi are proud to confirm that we have been awarded the cleaning contract for CIPD.

Cynergi looks forward to “Fair winds and following seas”

Posted on 8/8/2013

Fairline Boats Ltd is a British luxury motor yacht builder, started in 1967 by Jack Newington, the company presently builds motor yachts in both its original Oundle base as well as in Corby, Northamptonshire.

What you can expect from a professional Commercial Cleaning Company

Posted on 5/2/2013

Commercial cleaning services provided by Cynergi are tailored according to each clients requirements. The number of operatives we dedicate is based on the size of the business premises and expectations.

How Commercial Cleaners Keep Carpet Tiles Looking Good

Posted on 4/26/2013

Carpet tiles are becoming a popular alternative to traditional carpeting used in high traffic areas in office buildings and reception areas. They have gained popularity because they are easy to install, clean and maintain.

How to Stay on Top of Office Cleaning

Posted on 3/7/2013

Many of us are guilty of letting filing and desk or office organisation go during busy times and keep promising ourselves that we will deal with everything when we have some 'down time'. But with our day to day busy schedules do we ever have 'have time'? If you employ a commercial cleaner they will only clean around your clutter. A messy desk and unorganised filing system can consume so much energy and take focus away from your job.

Tips to Office Cleaning Maintenance Tasks

Posted on 3/6/2013

How often have you arrived at work, gone straight to the kitchen or coffee making area only to be greeted by foul smells? These odours are often the result of bacterial growth on food preparation surfaces, food storage or waste disposal areas that have all been left unclean. Employing a commercial cleaning company to come in daily to clean offices including the kitchen and dinning areas as well as the washrooms will help to control office odours. But, there are still steps we can all take to ensure good levels of hygiene are maintained.


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