As the Coronavirus has been identified as an enveloped virus, similar to Influenza, we have proven cleaning methodologies and protocols which we can bring to bear as we try to combat its spread.

Using information provided by Public Health England, Cynergi Cleaning and Support Services are providing a service offering a specialist Coronavirus disinfection service for all non-healthcare premises having tested positive with COVID-19 or wishing to take extra precautionary measures.

No doubt you have already looked at possible prevention measures, and we are sure that you would be looking to reassure your clients and staff that you are doing everything you can to ensure that areas are disinfected. By professionally sanitising your space, this will reduce the risk of cross-contamination of high-touch surfaces and disinfection of whole areas providing peace of mind for occupants.

Cynergi have a tried and tested system that can not only kill enveloped viruses but is able to be applied incredibly quickly and with no effect on anything within an office environment. The method of application is via either fogging the space or using an electrostatic sprayer. The products used will destroy the Coronavirus. 

Cynergi can:

  • Give total 360 degree coverage of all surfaces
  • The process is 400% more effective than traditional cleaning.
  • We can reach surfaces outside the line of sight.
  • Our method kills the Coronavirus, Flu viruses, MRSA and Norovirus in 2 minutes (or less)
  • One step disinfecting function

Our mobile equipment supersaturates the atmosphere with a disinfectant fog for a minimum of 15–30 minutes. After application we allow the droplets to settle out of the air and onto the surfaces. A typical decontamination cycle consists of four phases of a steady injection and re-circulation of the vaporised chemical maintaining the concentration within the area.

If you would like to discuss the application of this service to your premises or request a quotation, please call 01245 350782 or Richard Lee on 07875 291622