As a company our objective is to ensure we comply and maintain the legislation as set by the Government. Providing a safe environment for our employees, clients and the Public.
Cynergi Cleaning & Support Services Ltd acknowledges the issues and concerns within our environment, and aims to address conservation and protection where possible in all commercial cleaning and facility support contracts. It is our intention to promote an active role for environmental issues and we are therefore committed to communicating this to all our employees, ensuring that all elements and activities within our business structure are assessed to minimise Environmental issues.


Management Structure

Our Management structure has been devised so that our Health, Safety & Environmental Director holds full responsibility for ensuring all future plans, work and services assess these sectors and that adequate procedures are implemented and maintained throughout the duration of the works or contract. Management of Environmental issues is an integral part of our structure; with our management team we ensure that all reasonable efforts are taken at all levels to monitor the systems in place measuring the environmental impact within our company, and review all systems in place. Both our Directors and Senior Management hold the responsibility to assess our performance with reviews held on an annual basis unless changes are applied via audit or legislation.