Management Trainee Programme


This is a new programme that as a business we are extremely excited about enabling us to bring young enthusiastic personnel into our arsenal, working alongside our highly experienced company body.

Our first employee to move into this programme is James Stephens this is his story…

“I have been working for Cynergi Cleaning and Support Services now for over 3 years, I first started my journey based as a cleaner on a large site. I was made to feel very comfortable very quickly, I got my head down and formed a relationship with my site Manager leading to a promotion to charge hand within six months, I liked the additional responsibility and didn’t want to stop there.

I developed in my role and when the Site Supervisor unexpectedly had to take time off due to illness I stepped up and really started to own and take pride in providing this service for the company. This led to recognition not only from the Site Manager but also the Operations Director, Ian Hotston and Managing Director, John Goodwin who were both regularly on site.

I still remember them telling me that I was doing a fantastic job, we are receiving great feedback keep it up (you can imagine how I was feeling at this point). I was given the job as Site Supervisor after a few months and continued to lead the team in improving our standards and leading by example, I was now involved in looking after the emails and communicating with our clients ensuring the smooth day to day running of the site, I loved it and for the first time in my life I was achieving, I had direction, I was well thought of not only on site but by my company, my family were very proud, this was everything by now and I carried on in this role for another year excelling and developing as a person, I could see myself that I was improving and adapting very quickly to the sites ever changing demands.

Several months later and after some changes in the management structure of the site an opportunity arose for me to be the Assistant Site Manager, supported by a Senior Manager who would be on site 3 times a week. I grabbed this opportunity with both hands and began reviewing all the services we were carrying out on site.

With the site being so large one of the key areas I wanted to revisit was the cleaning programmes as I still believed that travelling time between buildings could be further improved by as I like to call it clumping buildings together, this further encouraged ownership which is something that our Operations Director, Ian Hotston firmly stands by as do I. I presented my thoughts and ideas to both John and Ian and whilst they were well received there was some fine tuning required getting the changes physically implemented. We presented this concept to our clients as Smart Cleaning, which is simply what it is.

I now had control of my very own site and I was so proud to represent the company and I knew the team was behind me, SMART cleaning was a huge success which leads me to where I am today I was offered to work as a Management Trainee learning the business from a Sales, Finance and Operational point of view and to see how they all connect from start to finish. I have been in this role now for just over two months and having a personal day to day relationship with everyone throughout the business is very important to me. This means I can see how the business operates a smooth service, from the day we meet you to the day that we provide a service for you. I have just been a part of the mobilization of two brand new contracts which was a fantastic experience, I am attending client meetings with our Area Managers, I am now a part of the monthly company meeting and budgeting. I have to pinch myself at times to see how far I have come because of Cynergi Cleaning and Support Services and I can’t wait to continue learning as an individual and hopefully leading the company in the future.”