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Cynergi employee of the month

As you are aware the cleaning industry can be very unforgiving and often our best intentions are not recognised and we only receive the bad news phone call or e-mail.

In the midst of all that is going on we often forget to focus on the positive elements of the business and we do not always acknowledge the effort that our teams put into making sure that what our clients see is a professionally run service company.

We have actively been addressing this by recognising people in the company that give 110% effort and look to achieve this in their respective roles.

This past quarter lots of positive feedback has been received from our customers and especially from TWI which has seen lots of internal projects being carried out, this has however not fazed Lino and Jorge who were not sure what they would be facing from night to night but continued to deliver the same high standard of cleaning which was recognised and endorsed by TWI employees.

As a thank you for their continued efforts and as a way of showing the company’s appreciation they were both awarded vouchers to spend on something that suited them.